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We enjoy working and co-oping with real estate agents who help us sell our homes.

Please register your client by filling out the Realtor Registration form below.

Realtor Registration Form

Buyer Registration/Notice of Commission Due

In order to avoid any misunderstandings, the following exceptions apply to your registration:

  1. Registration will not be honored if the Buyers have previously visited or corresponded with model homes without their realtor.
  2. Realtor may register a customer or Buyer by:
    1. Visiting the site with the customer
    2. Faxing a registration form to the model or office
    3. Completing the registration for below
    4. Calling sales model ahead of time and having the sales agent fill out the registration
  3. Commission will be paid at closing of home.
  4. License must be active and not in hold with Broker to get commission.
  5. This registration expires 60 days from the date this form is filled out.
  6. The commission rate is three percent (3%) on base price of house that is not started (exclude lot premium, elevation, and any extras). The commission rate is three percent (3%) on sales price (excluding any extras added after the Purchase Agreement) for any inventory home. Commission shall be 2.5% if Purchaser uses their own Title Company.

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